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Rolling Thunder Special Needs Program (RTSNP) is a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to providing challenged individuals with the opportunity to successfully participate in all levels of mainstream running, walking or wheelchair racing year round.  Rolling Thunder is open to developmentally and/or physically challenged individuals, age 5 or older, regardless of athletic ability.  (RTSNP currently has team members ranging in age from 5 to 50+ years old).  The team is also open to typical siblings and parents, and to any members of the community willing to volunteer their time and effort.  RTSNP is a true inclusion program, integrating special needs individuals with their typical peers at all team practices, races and events.  All team coaches are volunteers. There is no membership fee to join or to participate in Rolling Thunder activities.    

RTSNP’s goal is to teach special needs individuals the sport of running, walking, or wheelchair racing in an inclusive setting, while helping each athlete build independence, confidence, and self-esteem.  By competing side-by-side with typical peers, challenged individuals earn the respect they deserve.  Through sports, athletes will learn to make good decisions, to set and achieve personal goals, to practice good sportsmanship and to develop important life skills.   

RTSNP is a nationally recognized organization, based in Long Island, NY.  Rolling Thunder is actively looking to expand and form chapters in other parts of the country to benefit special needs individuals nationwide.



Rolling Thunder chapters are developing across the USA.  For further information, or to start a Rolling Thunder chapter in your area, please contact Rolling Thunder’s head coach, president and founder-- Steve Cuomo, at (631) 399-5564.

Rolling Thunder at the Stony Brook Church Community 5K Holiday Run (Dec. 2015)


Air Date: 12/15/15

Mikey began running at age 8 with the Rolling Thunder Special Needs Program, under Head Coach Steve Cuomo. Mikey went on to run for his hometown high school, Northport High School, where he was coached by Jason Strom to became one of the nation's fastest high school runners.